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Taste delicious sushis thanks to Smood's Online Home Delivery Service in Friborg

Since the beginning of the nineties the delicacy coming straight from Japan that are sushi’s have created themselves a huge place in the European food habits. Even the most demanding mouths find satisfaction in the perfect ratio between the soft rice and the tender and fresh fish meat. Add to that a few drops of soy-sauce and a hint of wasabi and it’s the ultimate culinary satisfaction. But, you tell me, what if I want to try Friborg’s best sushis but I don’t want to have to go out of my house? Have no fear, this is where Smood enters the game thanks to our fast, easy and efficient home delivery service.


Whatever restaurant you decide to choose, thanks to Smood’s selection of restaurants in Friborg you will get fresh and delicious sushis made just for you, with high-quality ingredients. There is so much choice, makis, hosomakis, nigiris, futomakis, tuna, salmon, cucumber, avocado, mango, pineapple, shrimp, crab, salmon eggs, the possibilities are never-ending. You can order an assortment, already designed to bring a diversity of different flavours, all made to complement each other, or maybe try to create your own selection made-up with all your favourite sushis coming straight from the country of the rising sun. Everything is possible! May it be to have your favourite meal alone, with friends, family or colleagues, for lunch or supper, we deliver to allFriborg-based addresses in a record time.

Smood quickly delivers Sushis to you everywhere in Fribourg

Sushis delivered everywhere now in Fribourg. The most wonderful and delicious meals delivered at the office and at home with Smood and his teams will show you their selection of restaurants to live a new adventure in the heart of Fribourg. 45 minutes is the maximum amount of time to deliver the Sushis to the address of your choice. To order takeaway, is also possible with Smood.


Thanks to Smood’s website and app you have everything you could possibly need at your service to choose the restaurant that appeals most to you. You can base your decision on other client’s commentaries and ratings to be certain of your choice. No need to worry about the quality of your food, with Smood you can be certain that you are getting fresh and high-quality ingredients and, best of all, you are getting them in less than 45 minutes. Thanks to Smood’s fast and easy delivery service in Friborg it’s as easy as one two three to savour Japanese delicacies directly at your doorstep.

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