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The best selection of Mezze Neuchâtel

Enjoy one of your favorite Mezze in Neuchâtel

"Would you like to taste a good Lebanese with its Mezze farandole? Smood delivers the best Mezze of Neuchâtel to your home or office. Mezze is a tradition of the Levantine gastronomy. It is a set of dishes (from a dozen to a hundred), served on the occasion of a party or a family meal. Order on and let yourself be seduced by our wide selection of Mezze. Each dish is served in a small dish, so that you can multiply your choices. It evokes Antiquity with its feasts where one ate with the fingers in an assortment of selected dishes. The Mezze allows you to taste a little bit of everything, to peck at small bites with pita bread or, failing that, with a fork.
Any dish can be presented in Mezze, we can mention the most common ones : Grilled eggplant Baba-ghannouj, Stuffed vine leaves, Tabboulé, Hommous, Kebbé nayé..."

The essential Mezze in Neuchâtel

Order directly on the Smood application, our selection of Mezze and accompaniments in Neuchâtel. If you are thinking of a Lebanese specialty? You feel the sun and this good taste of Mezze! The Smood team will deliver you at home or at the office in Neuchâtel in less than 45 minutes. Thanks to the take away is available.

The best Mezze delivered with

Neuchâtel, on the Smood app, choose the best chefs' Mezze right now. Want to travel in Orient with your family without breaking the bank? We have the home delivery option. Your colleague advises you to try Mezze but you do not have time for a restaurant? offers to deliver to the office. Need to get some fresh air between two appointments? We offer takeaway! Delivery in 45 minutes in Neuchâtel to the address of your choice. Get away from it all thanks to our wide choice of Mezze on

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