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Have the best restaurants in Basel delivered to you! Chinese, Italian, Lebanese, Thai and so much more to discover as home delivery.

Cuisines of Basel

Global cuisines of Basel

Restaurants by city

Get the best restaurants in Basel delivered to your doorstep in just a few clicks

Basel is internationally known for its superb gastronomy. There is something for everyone.

Tourists in Basel will enjoy Swiss cheese specialities. Businessmen and women may prefer an entrecôte or perhaps the traditional Mehlsuppe made from wheat or rye flour and boiled in water or milk. Others, more daring, will try the Zwiebelwähe, an onion pie that will delight everyone! Furthermore, many new catering ideas are currently emerging to the delight of Basel's taste buds, so follow them instantly with Smood!

Basel, with its many museums and industries, is also a very dynamic city. And as in any big city, time constraints are often a problem, especially when it comes to cooking great home-made food. Fortunately, Smood offers a professional, fast and efficient home delivery service in Basel.

Get dishes from the best restaurants in Basel delivered to you in just a few minutes and with just a few clicks.

Go for the most popular specialities:
  • Swiss (half-half fondue, rösti, raclette, etc.)
  • Indian (tandoori chicken, biryani, shrimp masala, etc.)
  • Moroccan (couscous, tajines, etc.)
  • Lebanese (shish-taouk, fattouche salads or shawarmas)
  • Japanese (miso soup, sushi, maki, etc.)
  • Other specialities, each as tasty as the next, such as rare rib steaks, cheese & bacon burgers, original margherita pizzas or fresh pasta.
Ordering a food delivery from top rated restaurants in the heart of Basel is the best and easiest way to enjoy all these specialities hassle-free at home or in your office!

Offering home delivery of meals from the best restaurants in Basel while maintaining the highest quality standards - Smood masters this challenge every day for you!

The entire range of Basel's most popular restaurants is at your fingertips, delivered directly to your home or to your office. Smood is THE home delivery service that offers you top quality drinks, desserts and dishes in Basel not only from specialist or even starred restaurants, but also from international chains and great local outlets appreciated for their excellent value for money. We offer a wide selection for every budget. You will be amazed at how quickly and smoothly your favourite dishes are delivered to you.

The following restaurants are available for delivery in just a few minutes:
Even the most discerning among you will find the perfect fit, with restaurants such as Mama Stove, Superguud Basel or CleanTaste. Of course, these are just some suggestions of the best restaurants in Basel that Smood offers through its home delivery service.