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Choose among the best meals of German restaurants of Basel in home delivery

Get yourself quickly delivered in Basel the best of Germany, discover the best cooks

With and home or office delivery in Basel, welcome to Germany! Order and be delivered at home and still hot, is so fast that we feel like in Munich! The best of Germany to find everywhere in Basel with meals as typical as sauerkraut and eisbein. It is often said that German food is one of the best in the world, right? Go quickly on Smood website, check and order your favorite meal!

The essentials of German food in delivery with

Do you want to discover again Germany and Berlin? Nothing easier and faster, while staying in the office! In Basel, get yourself delivered to taste the wurst, knodel and kartoffel in front of your door. Smood's teams choose the most famous German restaurants in your city. At noon at work or in the evening in front of the TV, with you can book your takeaway or place your order.

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