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Just for you, the largest selection of Bagels in Fribourg

In Fribourg, get the best Bagels delivered, discover the best chefs

During the day and in the evening, on weekdays and weekends? delivers at home and at the office the selection of the Bagels from the restaurants of Fribourg. A well known concept. This delicious specialty from Europe at home in Fribourg. Bagels, you already feel this unique taste. With friends or family, your Bagels is consumed with or without moderation. With the Smood app choose the formula to go for your Bagels.

The essential Bagels in Fribourg

Thanks to Smood you are delivered in less than 45min, select now Bagels and accompaniments. You imagine the Bagels, this delicious specialty that comes to us from Europe? This meal is a typical sample of what is offered at home delivery or at the office in Fribourg. Do you prefer the takeaway formula for our Bagels? With the site in your pocket, it's the Europe in Fribourg, everywhere, now!

The best Bagels delivered with

Choose your Bagels from Fribourg restaurants on the Smood app. Overbooked father wishing to travel in Europe for these recipes? Home delivery. Want to taste the Bagels but you have to run between appointments since this morning? The website delivers you at work. Go out for a ride? The takeaway formula! For you, we deliver quickly to you everywhere in Fribourg.

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