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Just for you, the largest selection of Hot Dog in Fribourg

In Fribourg, get the best Hot Dog delivered, discover the best chefs

The hot dog is not to present: simple recipe that is consumed yet without moderation. A bread, usually brioche, grilled just right. It must be still soft inside to accommodate the sausage. This is usually beef, sometimes mixed with pork. You can also find chicken, turkey, vegetables or even tofu. Finally, it is most often covered with ketchup and mustard. Smood delivers you the best Friborg hot dogs in one click at home or at the office.


Come taste the best hot dogs in Friborg by ordering from our carefully selected partners to offer you the best of gastronomy. Choose quality, healthy and local products. Smood is here to deliver or whatever you want. You will love street food.

The best Hot Dog delivered with

Unexpected? No problem, Smood is there to overcome any type of situation: a meeting that drags on, an empty fridge, a band of friends who disembarks. We are the solution for a delicious meal without any fuss. Smood gives you in less than 45 minutes the best restaurants in Friborg. So do not wait any longer to experience the Smood experience with confidence.

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