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Delivery or takeaway of Geneva's best restaurants. Your favorite dishes, new restaurants, and much more!

Cuisines of Geneva

Global cuisines of Geneva

Restaurants by city

Geneva's best dishes at your doorstep in only a few clicks

Geneva is known worldwide for its excellency when it comes to gastronomy. You can find restaurants to satisfy each and every one of your cravings. Tourists visiting Geneva will have the possibility to appreciate Swiss specialities made with cheese. Business men and women will probably choose a steak or perhaps seafood from the famous Brasserie of the city center of Geneva, where the famous "Café de Paris" sauce was invented. Other, more adventurous, customers will discover delicacies that are as exotic as they are delicious amongst a wide variety of cuisines from all five continents. Last but not least, many new food concepts are currently emerging, much to the delight of Geneva's curious taste buds.

However, Geneva, with its multinational enterprises, banks, international institutions and watch manufacturers is evidently a very busy city. And as in all major cities, even with the watchmakers by our side, the lack of time is a recurrent problematic, sometimes even to go to a place we have been wanting to try out or to prepare high quality home-made dishes. Fortunately, Smood has the solution and makes it our priority to put a professional service of food delivery that is fast and efficient at your disposal. 

Thanks to Smood you can order the dishes of the best restaurants in Geneva and in just a few clicks you get to choose between many different specialities:

  • from our beautiful mountains (such as cheese fondue, röstis or raclette)
  • Indian specialties (chicken tandoori, biryanis, shrimps masala etc.)
  • Moroccan dishes (such as couscous and tajines amongst others)
  • Lebanese delicacies (chiche-taouk, fatouche salads or chawarmas)
  • Japanese meals (miso soup, sushis, maki etc...) and many other specialities such as medium-rare rib steaks, juicy bacon & cheese burgers, cheesy margherita pizzas DOC or even same-day made fresh pasta. 

Our delivery service from the best restaurants in Geneva is the best solution to appreciate all these cuisines directly from your home or office all of this in under than 45 minutes!

Offering delivery-meals from the best restaurants in Geneva by maintaining an impeccable quality. This is the promise that Smood keeps every day for you!

The whole selection of diverse dishes from the best restaurants in Geneva is now available at your doorstep or at your office, depending on what is more fitted to you.
Smood is the delivery service that offers home or office delivery in Geneva, be it appetizers, entrys, high-end dishes, deserts or snacks, we have it all at your service, directly from renown, specialized and sometimes even star-rated restaurants but also from internationally recognized food-chains or from points of sale known for their excellent quality / price ratio. We have an option for all budgets. You will be amazed by the speed and simplicity of delivery of your favorite dishes.

The following restaurants are available for delivery at home or at your office in less than 45 minutes:

Of course these are only examples of the wide range of the best restaurants Geneva has to offer and offers to you via Smood's home delivery service in Geneva.