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For you, the largest selection of Sea foods in Geneva

In Geneva, get the best Sea foods delivered, discover the best chefs

Lovers of seafood and shellfish? Let yourself be transported for a meal on a sandy beach, rocked by the gentle roll of the sea. Lobster, oysters, whelks, periwinkles, cockles, crabs, langoustines and other shrimp are waiting to come to feast your taste buds. With Smood, let the ocean come to you in one click. You order, Smood takes care of the rest. You just have to enjoy from home or between colleagues in the office.


Want to escape the time of a meal by the sea? On the abandoned beach, shellfish and crustaceans. Smood gives you the best seafood and all that without leaving your home.Let us iodize your taste buds.
Enjoy yourself with the Café du Center or Planète Caviar.

The best Sea foods delivered with

A sudden gastronomic desire? Do not panic, we are here to satiate it in less than 45 minutes. Have your favorite steaming dishes delivered to your home or office. Smood gives you peace of mind at any time with a delicious meal in any circumstance.

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