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Order and get your dream-kebab delivered to your doorstep in Lausanne

It has been a few decades since the Kebab has arrived in menus and restaurants all over Europe. A real culinary phenomenon was born. Whoever likes meat available in a fast, practical, easy to eat and rich in options format is a good candidate to fall in love with the Kebab-sandwich. The contrast between the crispiness and the tenderness of the meat is achieved by using rotisserie sticks to let the meat cook at a slow pace for hours, until it is ready to be savoured. Whatever your taste, you will find satisfaction when eating a Kebab, salad, carrots, tomatoes, onions, red cabbage, red chilli, pickles, there are so many options to choose from!
If you are a vegetarian have no fear, you can still enjoy the Kebab-sandwich by ordering the falafel version, so delicious!
Smood has created a large selection of Kebab-specialized restaurants just for you. Thanks to our customers reviews and commentaries it has never been easier to decide which one of the best Kebab-restaurants in Lausanne you are going to eat from.


You get to choose if you want to savour your Kebab in a sandwich version in bread, a baguette or a wrap and if you would prefer it with falafels, meat, Kebe, Durum, Chawarma, mixed, chicken or lamb. Kebab’s principal selling point is their diversity, they will know how to satisfy you, whatever your taste may be. Give in to Smood’s amazing selection of Kebab-restaurants in Lausanne. We guarantee perfect ratios between each of the ingredients and a mix of strong flavours that will satisfy your taste-buds. Juicy tomatoes, crunchy onion slices, savoury meat, falafels with a crispy exterior, warm bread and fresh salad leaves, don’t underestimate how delicious a Kebab can be when high-quality ingredients and knowhow enter the game! Thanks to Smood nothing could be easier, choose, order and our fast delivery service will be at your door in less time than it takes to say “Chawarma”.  Come taste those of Iskender Kebab.


It’s Sunday afternoon or even a weekday-evening and you are getting very hungry, you are craving a Kebab. You start thinking about the mix of the tastes of the grilled but still soft bread, the tender and crispy meat, the fresh tomatoes, the spicy chilli and the creamy white sauce, but you still would not like to leave your home to satisfy that craving.
Smood is the solution! You get to choose between the most delicious kebab-specialized restaurants in Lausanne and thanks to our fast and efficient delivery-service your hunger is only a bad memory in less than 45 minutes. Smood not only makes your life easier but also lets you enjoy delicious meals from all of Lausanne.

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