Order and get your dream-pizza delivered to your doorstep in Lugano

If there is one dish that everyone likes, it's pizza. Whether it's the mini version, vegetarian, with peppers, tomatoes, onions, aubergines and zucchini, served as an aperitif with friends, the salami and scented oil option to eat on Sunday evening in front of his favorite television series or the model "Salmone", capers, onion rings, zucchini and smoked salmon, to be enjoyed at the lunch break with colleagues.
The pizza is delicious in all its different forms, it's a certainty, but who wants to waste time preparing it? Its crispy dough requires a certain know-how and its ingredients an irreproachable freshness in order to obtain an optimal flavor. So let the professionals, they are there for that! Thanks to Smood, you do not have to go out of your own home to enjoy the best pizzas in Lugano.


So many delicious pizzerias available in Lugano, how can you decide which to order from? What if your favourite place is too far away and you don’t want to have a 30-minute car-ride to enjoy a delicious cheesy slice of pizza? Smood has the solution!
Thanks to our website and our Android- and iPhone-friendly apps completed by our user’s helpful comments and ratings, you get to choose from a huge selection of the best pizzas in Lugano, it’s easy and efficient. Whatever your preferences, be it tons of runny mozzarella, a fine and crispy or thick and soft crust, basilic on top, without gluten? We have pizza that you can enjoy at Ristorante Consulting or Shamrock Pub.


Lugano’s best pizzas are only a few clicks and 45 minutes away from your doorstep. Wherever you are in Lugano, you can receive your pizza at your home, at a friend’s house or even at work, to celebrate a particularly fruitful business meeting with your colleagues.
You can count on Smood to deliver you Lugano’s best pizzas, our quick and easy delivery service will do you as much good as a week-end in Napoli. It’s so simple, choose what you want, a few clicks and you are already devouring your cheesy goodness of a pizza, all of that topped with juicy tomatoes, served on a perfect crust.