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A delicious döner kebab, a crispy pizza or fresh sushi? Discover our selection of the best restaurants and dishes in Zürich. Treat yourself today!

Cuisines of Zurich

Global cuisines of Zurich

Restaurants by city

Zürich's best restaurant's home delivery service

Zurich is Switzerland's largest city. It is an incredible town to visit and a very pleasant place to live in. Inbetween the lakesides, the luxurious hotels and the banking institutions you will find a charming old town that has many excellent restaurants to choose from. Eating well is one of Swiss people's priorities. However, sometimes, you want to avoid a queue, you don't have alot of time available for your lunchbreak or you simply don't have the possibility to get away from home.
You are probably asking yourself how it could be possible to enjoy the calm and comfort of your own house whilst still getting to discover Zurich's best dishes? Ask no more ! With the new meal delivery service in Zurich, cuisines from all around the world are welcomed into your home without any effort and in a very short laps of time.
Let your tastebuds travel to Italy by ordering a tasty pizza or a savoury risotto. Feel Africa's heat by tasting a spicy injera or enjoy Lebanese specialities like hummus, falafels and chawarmas. You can also discover or rediscover French gastronomy classics with the delivery of French specialities in Zurich and devour high quality meats with the perfect doneness according to your preference. People with gluten-intolerances or who have chosen the vegetarian lifestyle can also easily find restaurants offering tasty recipes that meet their food expectations with the delivery of the best organic and vegetarian restaurants in Zurich.

No need to leave home to treat your palace. Smood allows you to make eating out a piece of cake by bringing tasty recipes from the best restaurants in Zurich directly to your home. For every meal of the day, our food delivery service in Zurich allows you to order your favorite dishes, drinks, deserts or snacks in only a few clicks. Meal breaks in the office or at home have never been as pleasant and easy as with Smood. Do not waste your time in the kitchen, your time is so much more valuable than that, let us do the dirty work for you !

Enjoy your favorite meals at home thanks to Smood's fast and easy food delivery service in Zurich !

There are a whole bunch of unbeatable reasons why you should choose to get food delivered  by Smood's delivery service in Zurich.
For example :
  • You have friends coming over, your fridge is empty and you have nothing to cook. Don't panic, just choose what you are in the mood for on our app or website, we're here in less than 45 minutes!
  • Your lover arrives for your first dinner at home and you have just burned a frozen pizza in the oven. No worries, the best pizzas in the city are available via our pizza delivery service at home!
  • You want a tasty, inexpensive and fast dish during your lunch break. Or, maybe, your children are coming home to eat and you do not have the strength or time to cook. Let us help you !
From wherever in Zurich, we will make it easy for you to enjoy your favorite dishes. May it be for a work event, a dinner with friends, a sudden craving or a movie night with plenty of tasty snacks, just call our delivery service in Zurich, it's everything at the same time, convenient, fast and delicious !

All your favorite dishes in Zurich, only a few clicks away from you

Since our customer's satisfaction is our number one priority, we have decided to extend our delivery service to the rest of Switzerland. Our new rapid delivery service is, as of today, available in Zurich.

Thanks to this novelty you will now be able to order all your favourite Zurich-based restaurant's dishes on our media platform. As easy as one, two, three, you are only a few clicks and minutes away from your next delicious meal. If you love Mediterranean cuisine, try an order at The Artisan. If, however, you are more of a sushi or noodles kind of person, we would recommend to order our Japanese and Asian food delivery service  at Negishi Sushi Bar or O-I-Shi. Whatever your tasting buds are in the mood for we have a restaurant available to satisfy them. A sudden desire for hamburgers or cheeseburgers ? No need to spend all your money on an expensive flight ticket to New York just order at The Butcher, you won't taste a difference. If you are coming back from a jog and want a healthy and nutritious meal, our delivery service at B.GOODGärtnerei is exactly what you need.

Appetizers, meals, deserts or drinks - Zurich's best restaurant's entire menu is now available for you to order from. Discover fresh ingredients and excellent recipes from cuisines around the world, alone, with family or friends, at home or with colleagues at the office.