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Want to eat a delicious döner kebab, a crispy pizza or tasty sushi? Discover our selection of the best restaurants and food trends in Zurich. Treat yourself!

Cuisines of Zurich

Global cuisines of Zurich

Restaurants by city

Enjoy your favorite meals at home - with our fast and efficient home delivery in Zurich!

We'll make it easy for you to enjoy your favourite dishes wherever you are. Whether for an event, a night out with friends, sudden hunger or a gourmet movie night, don't hesitate to use our convenient, fast and incredibly delicious meal delivery! In Zurich, all your favourite dishes are available in just a few clicks! Because customer satisfaction is our priority, we extended our delivery service to all of Switzerland. We are offering our fast delivery service in Zurich.

Thus, with but a few clicks and in just a few minutes you can get all your favourite dishes from the very best restaurants in Zurich on our platform.

  • Do you love Fish & Chips? Give Nordsee a try.
  • Do you prefer sushi or fried noodles? Then order at Sora Sushi for a fresh delivery of amazing Japanese and Asian dishes.
  • A sudden desire for hamburgers or cheeseburgers? We recommend the American original from The Bite Gourmet Burger. If you value a healthy and balanced diet, restaurant Beetnut will absolutely delight you!
Starters, meals, desserts or drinks - the entire menu of Zurich's best restaurants is now available to you. Discover fresh ingredients and excellent recipes from all around the world, to savour alone, with friends or family at home or with colleagues at the office.

Food delivery from the best restaurants in Zurich

Zurich is the biggest city in Switzerland and a very nice place to live. Nestled between the shores of Lake Zurich, luxurious hotels and banking headquarters is the charming old town teeming with excellent restaurants. Eating well is everyone's priority, but we sometimes just don't have a lot of time to cook or stand in line, or we simply don't want to step outside. So how to enjoy the calm and comfort of your own home and not miss out on Zurich's best dishes? With Smood’s home delivery service in Zurich, the best dishes and cuisines from all around the world are delivered to your home in record time.

  • Let your tastebuds travel to Italy by ordering an authentic pizza or a savoury risotto.
  • Get a taste of Africa and try spicy injera or enjoy Lebanese specialities like hummus, falafels and shawarmas.
  • Discover or rediscover the haute cuisine - order a delivery straight from the kitchen of the best French restaurants in Zurich and savour a perfectly cooked entrecôte, just like you love it.
  • If you follow a special diet such as gluten free or vegetarian, our home delivery from the best organic and vegetarian restaurants in Zurich offers you a world of tasty recipes that meet your diet requirements to the letter.
No need to step outside to treat yourself. Smood makes your life easier by bringing all your favourite dishes from the best restaurants in Zurich directly to you. Trust our delivery service in Zurich to bring you all your meals in record time with just a few clicks. Lunch breaks in the office or at home have never before been as pleasant and easy as with Smood in Zurich. Don't waste your time in the kitchen, you have so many better ways to spend your time!