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For you, the largest selection of Mezzes in Zurich

In Zurich, get the best Mezzes delivered and discover the best chefs

Want to taste a good Lebanese with his farandole mezze? Smood delivers it to you the best meze of the city in home delivery or office.
Mezze is a tradition of Levantine gastronomy. It is a set of dishes (from a dozen to a hundred), served at a party or a family meal.
Each dish is served in a small dish, so you can multiply the choices. It evokes the Antiquity with its feasts where one ate with the fingers in an assortment of selected dishes. The mezzé allows you to taste a bit of everything, to peck by making small bites using pita bread or, failing that, with the fork.
Any dish can be presented in mezzé, we can quote the most current ones:
Grilled eggplants
Baba ghannouj,
Eggplant caviar
Chich taouk,
Fattouche chicken skewers
Stuffed vine leaves
Poultry livers with salted grenadine sauce
Local cheeses
Hummus, chickpea puree
Kebbé nayé
Kébbé Mjaddara, preparation based on lentils
Salty pastries like the fatayer or the börek
Sawda nayé, raw lamb liver


Want to escape under the sun of Lebanon? Why not share good mezze between colleagues or friends.
A few clicks on and we take care to deliver you wherever you are. So do not wait anymore. Beirut at home in less than 45 minutes.
Hummm, explosion of flavor for your taste buds. Discover the delicious mezze of Yalla Habibi.

The best Mezzes delivered with

Pas la tête à cuisiner? Pas de souci, avec le service de livraison à domicile de Smood, vous n'avez qu'à vous glisser les pieds sous la table. Choisissez parmi le large choix proposé sur Commandez, et recevez en moins de 45 minutes le meilleur de la gastronomie en livraison à domicile ou au bureau.

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