• Cocktail Samosa (2 pieces)
    Triangular deep fried pastry, filled with different vegetables and potatoes, served with mint sauce
    CHF 9.50
  • Onion Bhaji
    Most popular starter made of sliced onions, flavored with spices, lent flour and fried crispy to perfection. Served with assorted chutnies
    CHF 8.50
  • Shammi Kebab
    Minced lamb patties with mint-yogurt stuffing and various aromats, deep fried to perfection
    CHF 10.50
  • Papad (2 Stück)
    Roasted chips lentil, served with assorted chutnies
    CHF 3.00
  • Kormasutra Mix
    A little bit of Samosa, Onions Bhaji, Shammi Kebab, Fish Pakora, served with assorted chutneys
    CHF 16.50


Curry dishes (chicken)

  • Chicken Curry
    Chicken pieces, cooked in Punjabi style with tomatoes, fresh garlic, ginger coriander and spices
    CHF 26.50
  • Murg Makhni (Butterchicken)
    Chicken pieces marinated and smoked tandoori-style, in tomato-onion sauce, enriched with fenugreek and honey
    CHF 27.50
  • Murg Safdarjung
    A tropical dish with tender pieces of chicken with onion gravy, green pepper and in a creamy mango sauce.
    CHF 27.50
  • Tandoori Tikka Masala
    In Europe know as chicken tikka masala. Chicken pieces, cooked in a clay oven, simmered in tomato gravy peppers and onions. House's speciality
    CHF 28.50
  • Chicken Chefreal
    Chicken cooked with freshly pounded spices, coconut, onion. Speciality of the deccan tray
    CHF 27.50

Curry dishes (beef)

  • Goscht Hyderabadi
    Tender pieces of beef in a creamy sauce with cashew nuts, cream and mild spices
    CHF 28.50
  • Goscht Vindaloo
    Tender pieces of beef with potatoes in a curry and vindaloo-sauce
    CHF 29.00
  • Goscht Curry
    Beef pieces cooked with tomatoes, garlic, fresh ginger, coriander and indian spices
    CHF 28.50
  • Goscht Bhuna
    Tenderly fried beef flavored with ginger, red chili-paste and garlic, served in a thick onion gravy
    CHF 29.50

Curry dishes (lamb)

Tandoori Secialities

  • Tandoori Chicken
    Tender chicken thighs marinated in yogurt and Tandoori spices, cooked in Tandoor-clayoven
    CHF 27.50
  • Murg Tikka
    Tender chicken marinated in yogurt, chili paste and various special spices, stewed in the tandoor oven
    CHF 29.50
  • Tandoori Jhingha
    King prawns marinated in yogurt with garlic, ginger and spices grilled in the tandoor oven
    CHF 39.50
  • Tandoori Subzi (vegetarian)
    Chunks of fresh cottage cheese with potatoes, onion, mushroom, aubergine, tomato, cauliflower, tossed with tandoori spices, grilled in the tandoor oven
    CHF 27.50
  • Tandoori Paneer Tikka (vegetarian)
    Homemadefresh cottage cheese, marinated in yogurt and indian spices, grilled in the tandoor oven
    CHF 27.50
  • Special Kormasutra Mix
    Compilation from various tandoori delicacies : Murg Tikka (chicken), Botti Kebab (Lamb), Tandoori Jhingha (King prawns)
    CHF 42.50

Vegetarian dishes

  • Manchali Aloo Gobi
    Traditional Indian dish with potatoes and cauliflower cooked together with cumin, onions, tomatoes and ginger
    CHF 23.50
  • Saag Paneer Wala
    Cubes of cottage cheese cooked in spinach purée, mixed with garlic and Indian spices
    CHF 24.50
  • Dal Maharani
    Combination of black lentils, kidney beans, simmeded over night and tempered with onion, garlic, ginger and tomato sauce, with cream and butter
    CHF 19.50
  • Navrattan Korma
    Combination of various vegetables and dry fruits, cooked in a mild saffron sauce
    CHF 24.50
  • Mix Vegetable Curry
    An excellent mix of different vegetables, in a coconut curry, garnished with curry leaves
    CHF 24.50
  • Paneer Makhan Wali
    Homemade cottage cheese in an onion-tomato gravy, enriched with cream and dash of butter, flavored with fenugreek
    CHF 26.50
  • Shalimar Masala
    Mushroom and green peas combination : Speciality of the house
    CHF 24.50
  • Paneer Mattar
    Combination of house made cheese and green peas, cooked with cashenuts sauce
    CHF 25.50

Fish dishes

Rice side dishes

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