Nooch Asian Kitchen (Richti)

Nooch Asian Kitchen (Richti)


  • Sushi Rice Portion

    CHF 6.00
  • Sushi Rice Portion
    CHF 6.00
  • Extra Ingwer

    CHF 1.00
  • Extra Ingwer
    CHF 1.00
  • Extra Wasabi

    CHF 0.00
  • Extra Wasabi
    CHF 0.00
  • Extra Sojasauce

    CHF 0.00
  • Extra Sojasauce
    CHF 0.00


Dim Sum

Noodle soups

  • Ground Bird
    Homemade Asia Soup with spicy Swiss chicken, Mu-Err mushrooms, lots of fresh vegetables and herbs
    CHF 25.00
  • Duffy’s Favourite
    Homemade Asia Soup with crispy fried duck, egg, crunchy vegetables and fresh herbs
    CHF 26.00
  • Fujiyama
    Miso soup with tofu, egg, shiitake mushrooms, fresh vegetables and fine herbs
    CHF 23.00
  • Tom Kha Gai
    Coconut soup with swiss chicken, served with jasmine rice (soup without noodles)
    CHF 24.00
  • Pho Bo
    Vietnamese noodle and rice soup with pieces of beef, Asian vegetable mix, bamboo shoots And fresh herbs
    CHF 26.50

Fried rice

Wok noodles

  • Dream Island
    Glass noodles with curry, marinated swiss chicken, peanuts, fresh vegetables, egg and herbs
    CHF 24.00
  • Naka Bay
    Pad Thai made of rice noodles with tofu, china leeks, soy sprouts, egg, peanuts and coriander on a fine tamarind sauce
    CHF 22.00
  • My Name is Shrimp & Sepia
    Rice noodles, vegetables, shrimps, sepia, peanuts, fresh herbs and eggs
    CHF 25.00
  • Tokio-Bangkok by Air
    Ramen noodles, fried duck, vegetables, mushrooms and peanuts
    CHF 25.00
  • Sunshine Surfers
    Ramen noodles, grilled swiss chicken, vegetables, mushrooms, fresh herbs and peanuts
    CHF 24.00
  • Beef & Zen
    Udon noodles, tender beef, chili, lemongrass, vegetables, mushrooms, peanuts and fresh herbs
    CHF 27.00



Sushi menus

  • Okayama
    6 Nigiri: Salmon, premium tuna, shrimps
    CHF 23.50
  • Sushi Veggie
    2 Nigiri: omelette, tofu bag; 2 Futomaki: Veggie; 9 Maki: Cucumbers, marinated pumpkin, yellow radish
    CHF 17.00
  • Kyoto
    4 Nigiri: Salmon, premium tuna, shrimp, tofu bag; 2 Uramaki: California Rolls; 2 Maki: Various
    CHF 20.50
  • Shake Iki
    4 Rainbow Roll Salmon loves Mango, 4 Rainbow Roll Lachs; 4 Maki Lachs, Sashimi
    CHF 29.50
  • Fukuoka
    5 Nigiri: Salmon, premium tuna, eel, prawns, tofu bag; 2 Uramaki: California Rolls; 2 Futomaki: Spicy Tuna; 6 Maki: Cucumbers, yellow radish, marinated pumpkin
    CHF 31.00
  • Magushake
    Large bowl of sushi rice with marinated salmon and premium tuna
    CHF 25.50

Fusion menus

Plates to share


Rainbow rolls

Classics - maki

Vegi rolls

Fusion rolls





    Delivery cost
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