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Your favorite dishes made by the best restaurants in a few clicks at your home

In its offer, Smood proposes, sells and delivers all the dishes prepared by the best restaurants in your city.

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Cuisines of Lausanne

Global cuisines of Lausanne

Restaurants by city

Get the best restaurants in Lausanne delivered to you in just a few minutes!

Lausanne is one of Switzerland's biggest and most beautiful cities. So what could be more natural than to enjoy delicious meals to match the city's beauty? There are numerous restaurants near Lausanne's cathedral, the Olympic museum and the Elysée museum that offer a variety of delicious specialties. And thanks to Smood's home delivery service, you don't even have to move to get it all.

  • Miss the heat and want to enjoy some spicy recipes? The Indian restaurants 7 Kings Curry and Chandigarh Tandoori will cook up exactly what you are looking for.
  • Does your last holiday in Italy seem too distant? Order a pizza from PZ Pizza or home-made pasta from Vapiano.
  • If your heart beats for Asian cuisine we recommend these three restaurants: Le Duo Thai & Sushi, Bambou and Le Kotchi.
  • Feeling a little hungry before heading to the concert at the docks? The Mexican specialities of Los Tacos Hermanos guarantee a good start to the evening.
No matter what you're craving or where you live in Lausanne, trust the reliable Smood delivery service to bring delicious, high-quality meals prepared with tasty ingredients straight to your door in just minutes. All this with just a few clicks!

Smood offers the best dishes of Lausanne to order while maintaining an impeccable quality thanks to a fast service.

Your family arrives in less than an hour, but you only have pickles in your fridge - what do you do? Stay cool. Whether on the Smood app or webpage, pick from a variety of cuisines, order whatever your heart desires, for example fruit bowls from Açaí Concept Swiss or sweet treats from Cuppin's Cupcakes, and done!

Did you plan a meeting with your colleagues and want to reward their hard work with a variety of delicious sushi? Nothing easier than that - Le Duo Thai & Sushi lets you compose your own hand-picked selection of sushi according to the different preferences of each of your employees. Thanks to our fast and efficient delivery, you will soon receive a call from the reception desk telling you that your top quality delicacies were just delivered. Enjoy the meal and rest assured that your team will fondly remember your initiative!

If you're planning a movie night with friends and don't want to bother about cooking dishes that take everyone's preferences into account, then no need to look any further - with Smood all of you can order at once on the same order via the app. Pizzas, burgers, vegetarian dishes, snacks, drinks and desserts, the choice is yours. With the Smood app your favourite dishes are at your fingertips and quickly delivered to your doorstep in minutes.