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Tandoori, Curry, Indian
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1. Lentil Carrot Soup

Spiced lentils - carrot soup with fried onions.
CHF 12.00

2. Tandoori Salad

Fresh lettuce leaves with cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers & onions garnished with pomegranate and garnish of your choice.
CHF 19.00

3. Cheese & Spinach Naan

Thin pita bread with cream cheese and spinach baked in a tandoori oven topped with melted butter.
CHF 14.00

4. Papri Chaat

Spicy crispy puff pastry with potato, onion, cilantro and tamarind mint chutney, served cold.
CHF 15.00

5. Mix Veggie Bhajiya

A selection of onions, potatoes, paneer & moong dal - chickpea flour coated & fried. Seasoned with chaat masala and served with chutney.
CHF 16.00

6. Samosa Trio

A samosa plate each with chicken samosa, lamb samosa and the absolute favorite potato and pea samosa.
CHF 17.00

7. Chicken Lollipops

Juicy deep fried and seasoned chicken lollipops served with homemade garlic sauce.
CHF 18.00

8. Sheekh Kebab

Marinated lamb mince grilled on a skewer in a tandoori oven, served with a Chef Special salad.
CHF 28.00

9. Murgh Malai Tikka

Chicken marinated with homemade Indian cheese and cashew nut sauce, baked in tandoori oven, served with salad.
CHF 23.00

10. Starters Plate

A selection of our appetizers: Cheese & Spinach Naan, Chicken Lollipops, Lamb Samosa & Papri Chaat - perfect for sharing! (for 2-3 people).
CHF 35.00

Main Course to Share

20. Paneer Tikka Masala

Grilled Indian cream cheese with hot peppers on spicy tomato cream sauce. Served with basmati rice.
CHF 29.00

21. Veggie Shahi Korma

Seasonal sauteed vegetables in a cashew nut coriander sauce, served with basmati rice.
CHF 29.00

22. Achari Aloo Gobi

Roasted potatoes and cauliflower with Indian spices, cilantro and mango pickles served with tandoori butter naan.
CHF 33.00

23. Amritsari Chole Puri

The traditional Punjabi stew of chickpeas served with a fluffy fried flatbread and onions.
CHF 33.00

24. Palak Paneer

Diced Indian cream cheese with fresh creamed spinach, served with basmati rice.
CHF 29.00

25. Chicken Tikka Masala

Grilled chicken tikka in a spicy tomato cream sauce, served with basmati rice.
CHF 35.00

26. Prawn Pulao

Giant shrimp fried with onions, cilantro and garlic, aromatic basmati rice cooked in coconut milk and garnished with mint. Served with cucumber raita.
CHF 45.00

27. Kerala Prawn Masala

Shrimps on an onion, garlic and tomato sauce, garnished with ginger, served with basmati rice.
CHF 42.00

28. Goan Fisch Curry

Fish fillet cooked in an aromatic coconut curry & Goa spices, served with basmati rice & tandoori onion salad.
CHF 39.00

29. Lamb Roganjosh

Tender pieces of lamb cooked with fresh ginger & garlic in spicy onion sauce, served with basmati rice.
CHF 42.00

30. Meatball Curry

Marinated lamb meatballs cooked in traditional Indian curry and served with basmati rice.
CHF 42.00

31. Lamb Baingan Bharta

Chunks of lamb cooked in a spiced eggplant stew, served with basmati rice.
CHF 45.00

32. Chicken Tawa

Chicken in a spicy sauce of tomatoes, onions and peppers garnished with ginger. served with basmati rice.
CHF 36.00

33. Badami Chicken

Chicken breast with a butter cream sauce of almonds and cashew nuts. served with basmati rice.
CHF 36.00

34. Butter Chicken

Served with rice.
CHF 36.00

35. Paneer Makhani

Served with rice.
CHF 29.00

Lucerne Specials

41. Tandoori Chicken

Marinated chicken from tandoori oven- served with tandoori butter naan and tandoori onion salad.
CHF 42.00

42. Tandoori Paneer Tikka

Cream cheese grilled in a tandoori oven, served in a masla marinade with butter naan and tandoori onion salad.
CHF 34.00

43. Tandoori Mix Grill

A delicious grill combination of malai tikka, tandoori chicken, sheekh kebab, tandoori giant shrimp & paneer tikka. Served with tandoori butter naan and tandoori onion salad.
CHF 50.00

44. Chicken Tikka Biryani

Chicken tikka roasted on an Indian spice blend, layered with aromatic basmati rice, garnished with saffron, roasted onions, fresh cilantro & mint leaves. Served with cucumber raita.
CHF 38.00

45. Lamb Biryani

Marinated Hydrabadi style lamb layered with aromatic basmati rice garnished with saffron, roasted onions, nuts & fresh cilantro. Served with cucumber raita.
CHF 45.00

46. Kings Platter

A platter of our favorite dishes: tandoori chicken, meatball curry, prawn pulao, dal makhani, butter naan, basmati rice, cucumber raita and tandoori onion salad (serves 2-3).
CHF 150.00

47. Tandoori Chicken Tikka

Serviert mit Butter-Naan.
CHF 42.00

Indian Bread

50. Tandoori Butter Naan

Flatbread baked in a tandoori oven, topped with melted butter.
CHF 8.50

51. Tandoori Roti

Flatbread made from wholemeal flour baked in a tandoori oven.
CHF 7.00

52. Garlic Naan

Flatbread made from flour with garlic baked in a tandoori oven.
CHF 9.50

53. Puri

Deep fried Indian round flatbreads (3 pieces).
CHF 9.00

54. Plain naan

CHF 6.50

55. Onion kulcha

CHF 12.00


60. Basmati Rice

CHF 6.00

61. Kesari Pulao

Saffron basmati rice garnished with nuts.
CHF 13.00

62. Lasuni Tadka Dal

Yellow lentil curry with onions, garlic & spices.
CHF 19.00

63. Dal Makhani

Lentil cream curry cooked with herbs & spices.
CHF 21.00

64. Baingan Bharta

Peeled and roasted eggplant with a special Indian spice blend.
CHF 23.00

65. Tandoori Onion Salad

Chopped onions refined with tandoori spices.
CHF 6.00

66. Cucumber Raita

Creamy yogurt with cucumber, mild spices & herbs.
CHF 6.00

Something Sweet

70. Gajjar Halwa

An Indian dessert of carrots and nuts served with vanilla ice cream.
CHF 13.00

71. Gulab Jamun

Deep fried milk balls served in sugar syrup and finished with rose water (served warm).
CHF 11.00


Lassi Mango

Mango, vanilla, Pistachio.
CHF 7.50

Lassi Vanille

CHF 7.50

Lassi Pistazien

CHF 7.50


1.5 L
CHF 7.00


1.5 L
CHF 7.00


1.5 L
CHF 7.00


Cobra Beer

CHF 6.50

Kingfisher Beer

CHF 6.50
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