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Order and get your dream-pizza delivered to your doorstep in Geneva

If there is one meal that everyone adores it most definitely is pizza. Whether it be the mini-version, ready to serve at a cocktail party, the vegetarian, with peppers, tomatoes, onions, aubergines and zucchini, the salami and spicy olive oil version to devour in front of your favourite TV-series on a Sunday evening, or the “salmone” capers, onion rings, zucchini and smoked salmon to enjoy with colleagues during your lunch break.
Every different kind of pizza is delicious, that has already been proven at multiple occasions, however, who wants to waste time and energy preparing it himself? The fine and crunchy crust demands a certain pizzaiolo knowhow and the ingredients need to be fresh from the same day for the pizza to have an optimal taste and consistency. Just let the professionals take care of it, after all that is what they are there for! Thanks to Smood you don’t even have to take a step outside to be able to enjoy the best pizzas Geneva has to offer.


So many delicious pizzerias available in Geneva, how can you decide which to order from? What if your favourite place is too far away and you don’t want to have a 30-minute car-ride to enjoy a delicious cheesy slice of pizza? Smood has the solution! Thanks to our website and our Android- and iPhone-friendly apps completed by our user’s helpful comments and ratings, you get to choose from a huge selection of the best pizzas in Geneva, it’s easy and efficient. Whatever your preferences, be it tons of runny mozzarella, a fine and crispy or thick and soft crust, basilic on top, without gluten? We have the pizza you are craving. Choose your pizza from our preferred restaurants: The Key Eagle, Mama Corleone, or Leo’s, whatever your choice, with Smood you’ll be satisfied, that is our promise to you.

Smood quickly delivers Pizzas to you everywhere in Geneva

Pizzas in Geneva, delivered now wherever you want. Quality meal delivery quickly at work and at home with Smood. lets you discover the best restaurants and live this experience, in the center of Geneva. In 45 minutes, the Pizzas are brought to you. For the order, you can also choose the take away on the application.


Geneva’s best pizzas are only a few clicks and 45 minutes away from your doorstep. Wherever you are in Geneva, you can receive your pizza at your home, at a friend’s house or even at work, to celebrate a particularly fruitful business meeting with your colleagues. You can count on Smood to deliver you Geneva’s best pizzas, our quick and easy delivery service will do you as much good as a week-end in Napoli. It’s so simple, choose what you want, a few clicks and you are already devouring your cheesy goodness of a pizza, all of that topped with juicy tomatoes, served on a perfect crust.

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