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You order and we’ll deliver your dream-breakfast in Lausanne

Thanks to Smood the most important meal of the day, the breakfast, is now available with our home or office delivery service in Lausanne. So why not start off your morning with a delicious and nutritive breakfast delivery at your home or at your office? Energy and motivation guaranteed and suddenly your important meeting with your chef at 9h30 won’t seem so intimidating, it’s Smood’s breakfast home delivery service mission. With our delivery service in Lausanne you don’t lose any of your precious beauty sleep, you don’t get stuck in traffic, none of your neighbours see’s you with your swollen morning-eyes, thanks to our breakfast home delivery service you don’t need to stand in line at the bakery down the road and you don’t have to order your breakfast the evening before. You can act just like when you are on vacation, order your breakfast on our website or our app as if it was a buffet, all of that whilst staying under the covers for a little while longer. You order your breakfast and you receive the best bakeries in Lausanne delivered at your doorstep.


Whatever your demands, Smood will satisfy them thanks to our fast and efficient delivery service in Lausanne.
Maybe a savoury bagel? In the mood for warm and crispy bread to garnish with your favourite homemade jams that are just waiting for you in your cupboards? Or maybe you prefer soft and delicious bakeries straight out of the oven. You can order one piece just for you or an assortment, to share with your partner or bring to work and become the employee of the month in less time than you need to say “pain au chocolat”.
Thanks to Smood’s fast and easy online delivery service in Lausanne you will have a great start to your day. But, finally, if you have more of a sweet tooth we highly advise you to try Smood’s fast and easy delivery from Cuppin’s Cupcakes. Their pastries will make your morning as sweet as it can get.
The only thing you have to do to receive your perfect breakfast directly at your home or at your workplace is to choose between our different options from the best bakeries in Lausanne.

Smood quickly delivers Breakfast to you everywhere in Lausanne

Breakfast in Lausanne, delivered now everywhere. Delicious delivery of food quickly at work or at home with Smood. makes you discover the best restaurants and live this experience, in the center of Lausanne. In 45 minutes maximum, Breakfast are delivered to you. For the order, you can now choose the take away option on the application.


Thanks to waking up is a pleasure, choose a delicious pastry from the best bakeries in Lausanne, order what your dreams were made of not so long ago and the order will arrive, just in time, after your morning shower and change of clothes. In only 45 minutes your mouth-watering breakfast is at your doorstep thanks to Smood’s fast and easy home delivery service in Lausanne.
If, however, you would rather arrive at your workplace and already have your breakfast waiting for you or ready to be shared with your colleagues we have the perfect solution ! Our home and work delivery service in Lausanne makes it so easy for you that you don’t have any excuses not to treat yourself in the morning. Smood makes your life easier and brings you and your colleagues a little dose of joy in the morning, what’s not to like?!

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