45 min

Macaroni ham gratin-cheeky


Step 1.0

Preheat the oven to 240 ° C (Th.8)

Step 2.0

Cook the "al dente" penne.

Step 3.0

During the cooking of the penne, cut the ham into strips.

Step 4.0

Drain the pasta, then rinse them with cold water.

Step 5.0

In a buttered dish, mix the penne, cut ham, butter, cream, milk and cheese.

Step 6.0

Cook everything for 20 to 30 minutes (depending on tastes)

Preparation time

~ 45 min

Ingredients for 4 persons

  • 400 g of penne
  • 30 g butter
  • 50 g grated Gruyèreère
  • 4 slices of white ham
  • 16 cl of thick crème
  • 25cl of milk
  • Salt
e.g: Basic condiments (such as salt, pepper, etc...) are not included in the cart.